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Sandra Bell McFadden

International Medium Sandra Bell McFadden

Sandra is a real no nonsense medium.  She works at giving real evidence from the spirit world.

Former host of Public Spirited radio show, which was broadcast on FM radio Hudson Valley in New York area.

Sandra's work takes her all around the world tutoring mediumship to many groups.  She has taken workshops for all the Spiritualist groups in the UK and the US as well as tutoring for many International groups. 

Sandra regularly attends many tutorial groups of other tutors.  This is so that if there is a system of development that she dose not know then she wants to learn it.  Her worksheets have been put together from the information that she has learned over many year and from many different organisation.  She said that she will never stop learning and that any new ways of working tend to come directly form the Spirit world. 

She continues to study the sciences of mediumship and said that she is not happy just to know it works she had to find out how it dose.  in these studies she has learned to bring about new ways of teaching people to develop their gifts.

Once a year Sandra brings togther a group of tutors from all round the world to International week at Camp Etna Spiritualist Camp in Maine State USA.  At this event all the tutors learn to teach their student throughout the year, but the main purpose of the event is to learn from each other and to network with each other.

Sandra believes that to be a good medium you should develop your ability to communicate with the spirit world using all of your five senses.  She said in order to know that her information is from the spirit world she would have to have the information come to her in three different forms.

She has many ways of teaching students how to work with spirit, but her ability to build confidence in students is second to none.  She has the ability to turn people from complete beginners into working mediums in a few weeks of circle development or over a week's workshop.

She believes that anyone can work with spirit and that we all have an inbuilt ability to do it. Like all things people learn there are always different ways to learn.

In her study Sandra has found that Mediumship is a transcendental process of using and conveying three different, but somehow related primary dimensions of the mind.   We all work in different ways because we are all individuals. 

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Sandra McFadden is one of Scotland's best known Mediums and Spiritual tutors.  With her unique ability to tune into individuals to find the best way to help them to develop to the best of their ability.

Sandra runs Spiritual workshops all around the world.  Her work as a medium is second to none.  She will only work with hard evidence of spirit communication and is well known to dismiss a link that has no real evidence.  She believes that evidence must be unique to the individual and that gray haired grandmothers who knitted and did a lot of cooking is not spiritual evidence.  Sandra says that everyone can understand someone in the spirit world who fits that description.  Sandra says that she had two gray haired grandmothers who did all these things but when they only have five minutes to chat through another Medium, she is sure they can think of evidence that is unique to them.

Sandra has worked as a psychic medium for many years

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